Unsuccessful Baker

14 Oct

Hi, I’m the in-house unsuccessful/soon-to-be-successful baker! (of course!) 🙂

Lately, I have too many recipes I wanted to try out and I saved them in *my laptop under different docs – for raya cookies, cakes, breakfast, etc. I even saved blog links in *my BB or scribbled it on my recycled papers. 

Along my-new-found-baking-adventure way, I think I had tried out quite a number of recipes. Though come to think of it again, I usually tried the same ones over and over especially if it was a success the first time round. heh. One thing good about me is – I will not give up. Never! And that’s why I simply refused to remember how many times I failed miserably.  

If I ever succeed in baking, it’s usually thanks to the power of beginner’s luck! Fine I wouldn’t lie to you, sometimes I think it’s because of my wonderful baking skills!

Anyway, with this site, I planned to note down recipes, mistakes that I keep making, what I learnt online/classes, what to do or not to do..well, you get the drift. My goal is to become a successful baker like Mama. 🙂

Welcome to my humble baking abode y’all!!

Latest update: 15th Feb 2012


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