Baked Mango Cheesecake (Pudding)

17 Oct

The first time I ate a slice of cheesecake (during my CBTL days!), I immediately love it! Favourite part has to be the base – biscuit, sugar, etc. Saw somewhere online that this is the most fattening part! Wait, who am I kidding, the whole cake albeit a slice only is fattening! Must be the reason why I gained so much weight! Haha.

The “baker” in me decided to try baking a cheesecake. It must be cheaper than buying right.. So I googled the recipe and decided to bake a mango cheesecake since we had some mangoes in the fridge.

I thought I could magically whip up a delicious cheesecake! Think beginner’s luck . But as you might have guessed it, I failed. Unsuccessful again. It turned out to be like a cheese pudding with a hint of mango. You can only smell the mango but you can’t exactly taste it. 😦

*Anyway, this cake was an act of apology to Mama cause I made her angry the day before. (I must have forgotten that Mama don’t eat cheese.. haha!)

Before my next cheesecake try, I probably should:-

  1. get a springform pan;
  2. stick to basic cheesecake recipe (no mango added!!);
  3. try a no bake recipe first. 🙂

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