Practice: IMBC Cupcakes

19 Oct

Mun requested some cupcakes (like the one I “made” in class) for her birthday this year. I had doubts about IMBC cause it’s known to be temperamental but I tried anyway. Prolly because it’s Mun’s birthday and she’s pregnant.


Baked my usual vanilla cupcakes (note to self: recipe from the class – alternating flour and milk version). Then did the IMBC. The tough parts for me were timing and temperature! Like when to stop beating (do not want it to be underbeat or overbeat!), when to add in butter, is it too hot, etc.

I think I received this photo from Luqman because he wanted to eat it.

Anyway, the final outcome is:-

  1. My IMBC is not “strong” enough for any decorations (only simple ones will do)
  2. My IMBC easily melt when I hold it (in the piping bag)
  3. Taste too buttery for my liking (compare with the class ones which I don’t think was this buttery!)
  4. Mun likes it.. maybe she lied!

I need to try again! Not that happy with first try cause I didn’t get to do more “complicated” decoration. 😦


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