Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Decorator Icing

20 Oct

I was trying my best (not so much honestly) to find the most delicious-o chocolate cupcakes ever from my limited number of recipe books. Prolly for Zie’s engagement. I tried choconana recipe (without adding bananas, duh) but I find the cake too crumbly. Devil’s Food Cupcake is still better for me. But I want the best chocolate cupcakes ever!

On a mission, I tried chocolate cupcakes from my Betty Crocker’s The Big Book of Cupcakes. At least the recipes is not easily available on the website. You need to be exclusive member in order to access it.

(I’m so trying high hat cupcakes soon.)

Somewhere along the way while I was adding the ingredients, I must have gone wrong because my chocolate cake sink half the size. I stacked two cakes to make it look like one whole cupcake! 😦 Failed! Taste wise was okay I supposed. Normal chocolate cake, nothing wow.

The icing (also from the same book) is superb! It’s sweet but not too overly sweet. One cup lesser sugar than the usual typical vanilla buttercream recipe that I googled. It even has a shiny outlook. I’m using this recipe for Zie’s engagement.


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