Snickerdoodle Cupcake with Seven Minute Frosting

20 Oct

This was the second recipe I tried out from Martha Stewart’s cupcakes book. What intrigued me the most was the name. Snickerdoodle. Sound like a cartoon character to me. Before baking these cupcakes, I had baked snickerdoodle cookies for Raya earlier. Simple cookies that smell great while still in the oven. Not so popular at home though.


I pair it up with seven minute frosting as per the book’s advice. Again you can get the recipes online: Snickerdoodle Cupcake & Seven Minute Frosting.


Since snickerdoodle is not a favourite among the family, I halved the recipe. But somewhere along the way I accidently put 1 tbs of cinnamon instead of 1/2. *Big sigh* Didn’t exactly realised at first cause the cakes came out and smell nice.  Looks a little darker than normal vanilla cakes.


Of course I realised it when I had my first bite. Horror! I was hoping for the frosting to hide the too much cinnamon taste. It did not! 😦


Seven minute frosting also known as marshmallows frosting is airy and taste just right for me. I thought this could be a substitute for my failed IMBC though I do realised that it’s hard to pair up marshmallow frosting with let say chocolate cupcakes? To me lah.


Frosting using 1M tip is a bit hard cause the edges is blurred if you get what I mean. Was quite disappointing cause I was and still am finding for the right frosting/buttercream for Zie’s engagement. Besides, Mun said this seven minute frosting tasted too eggy for her liking.. Think she get the raw part.


But hey 2 recipes down for Martha’s book! I vowed not to buy anymore recipe book till I at least baked 10 recipes from each book that I owned. Since Bakerella’s book is more for designs, I must baked 20 recipes – 10 each from Martha Stewart’s and Betty Crocker’s. 🙂


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