Baking Class: Macarons

19 Dec

After my first try on French Macarons , I have been trying to find Macarons class cause mine was still slightly (yes, only slightly)imperfect. Found one though facebook. (You might want to check out Macaron Clazz!)

So colourful!!

This time round, we made these macarons using the Italian Meringue technique. A little different from my first try which was using Swiss Meringue technique. Basically, the main ingredients are all the same.

Anyway, I can’t post the exact ingredients or steps cause it’s not ethical. Was that the right word? Heh.

So I’m only posting the standard pictures:

The 90 deg piping.

 Drying process. (Perfect circles OMG.)

Common knowledge on these temperamental Macarons to note on:
1. Measure all ingredients exactly to your recipe. I dare not edit cause I’m no expert.
2. Liquid content to be at the minumum. That explains the aged egg – to let all water content evaporate. And the colouring powder and not liquid or gel.
3. From the class, I learnt that if it’s raining and you’ve no choice but to bake macarons, close all doors and windows to control the humidity. But then again, it depends on luck I think.
4. Oh yah, this should be number 1. Always prepare everything before you start doing. Once you start, you do not have the time to pause cause everything depends on the timing – eg. Boiling of sugar – must take note of temp/timing. Beating – cannot overbeat or underbeat. Folding – same as beating. Where got time to pause you tell me!! So prepare your trays with parchment paper on, the piping bag all ready, all utensils out in the open.. I always have this problem though.
5. Once done piping, must tap the tray hard to let the air out. In the class, the teacher taught us how to pop air bubbles after tapping the tray.

My new found motto: If you can’t make them, you buy them! hehe 🙂


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