Pink Macarons with Caramel filling

6 Feb

I had the sudden urge to bake after lazing around for far too long! I have my own set of rules before baking – must not be too late in the afternoon cause I hate staying up late, cannot be on a Sunday’s afternoon/night or weekdays cause I want to be alert in the office (hah!), kitchen must be in order cause I am usually lazy to clean up, and more. So much more, you’ve no idea how hard it is to be me. I kid, I kid!

So yesterday’s mission was: Macaron. And Caramel filling. Or was it Salted Caramel? But how “salted” is Salted Caramel anyway?

 “Army of macarons”.  Not yet perfect but I’m still trying. 🙂

I used the same Macaron’s recipe I did the first time. I added in red colour powder cause I was thinking of cute red Macarons with oozing yummy caramel-ish cream. Some sort like red and yellow, red and yellow. But hey, things don’t always go as planned and I have come to terms with this somehow. I can’t make perfect dainty flat shiny top and bottom macarons but my macarons is still a macaron because they have feet and they are crunchy on the outside with goey texture inside. (Well I chose to believe it that way.)

For the filling, I googled for the recipe and found this website: You can do it at home! The name says it all! 😀

100 g caster sugar
165 g thickened cream (minimum 35% fat content)
15 g salted butter
70 g soften salted butter


1) Place cream in a saucepan and bring it to the boil. Put it aside and keep it warm.

2) Add 30 g of caster sugar to a heavy-based small saucepan over medium-high heat. Let the sugar melt and shake the pan every now and then to help the sugar to melt. When the sugar is melted, put another 35 g of sugar into the pan and let it melt. Repeat with the rest of sugar.

3) Leave the sugar caramelised until it turns dark amber. Remove the pan from the heat and add 15 g of butter.

4) Add warm thickened cream to the sugar mixture. Be careful as the mixture might spatter. Quickly shake the pan to help blending cream and caramelized sugar.

5) Put the saucepan back to medium-heat and let it boil until it reaches 108°C. Remove from heat and pour the mixture into a bowl. Cover the mixture surface with cling wrap to prevent the skin forming. Set aside to cool down and won’t melt butter in the next stage.

6) When the sugar mixture is cool, beat butter on medium-high speed until it is light and fluffy (approx. 8 – 10 minutes). Mix the sugar mixture into the butter in two batches.

Chill the mixture until ready to use to fill macarons.

My first batch of caramel was a disaster! I did it accordingly but everything went too fast and by the time I get the hang out of it my caramelized sugar had reached to a point of no return. Black caramel for you:

Smells nice but taste bitter. Too bitter!

p.s. I need more colour powder please!

p.p.s. My Mastrad macaron baking sheet is on the way home. 😀 Exciting!

p.p.s. I had fun playing with photoscape as you can see. ❤


2 Responses to “Pink Macarons with Caramel filling”

  1. amylu7 April 13, 2012 at 23:30 #

    I’m the same. I’m afraid of overfolding the batter and as a result, my macarons always have a pointy top 😦

    • Liyanah April 13, 2012 at 23:51 #

      Hey Amy! I always try to flatten it with my wet finger but they still doesn’t have the totally flat look. :S And my macarons always on the thick side since I underfold them. I think we need to be confident the next time we bake, hehe.

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