Pink Macarons Part II & Chocolate Macarons

13 Feb

I wasn’t satisfied with my previous Pink Macarons. Second try and still not there yet. So I did them again. This time, I decided to be more generous in folding the batter. My first batch of Pink Macarons batter was a little thick. I might have underbeat/under-fold(?!) them. That’s why there’s pointy dome-like on the macarons. Anyway, while doing the second batch last Saturday,  I chickened out and I still under-fold the batter .. so it’s still a little pointy but I chose to believe that they are much better looking, yes? (I did tried my best to flatten the pointy tops.)

Next, I lower the heat of my oven to 140 deg celcius and bake them for 25 mins instead of 150 deg celcius and 20 mins. Slow and steady wins the race you know.

The pink ones are much better but the chocolate ones are too crunchy like cookies (though they are still gooey chewy on the inside). I might have overbake them! (Drama aside, I shall wait 24hrs before commenting on the crunchiness. Update: Nope, still crunchy and yep, definitely overbaked. :()

Why oh why can’t I get nice dainty perfect macarons?! No need to be too perfect but at least they must have flat and shiny tops! (Don’t ask me about the shiny part cause I’ve no idea where they come from!) I think I need to sift twice because my macs are too coarse-y. Shall try again and again cause I actually enjoy doing them. hehe.

p.s. Did you say hi to my brand new macaron baking sheet? I bought them from Bisous À Toi!

p.p.s. Mun bring them to work today. Hell, I hope the chocolate ones mellowed down a little.

p.p.p.s. I think my macs look lovely, what say you? hahahaha.


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