Eat: Red Velvet Cupcakes

19 Mar

//Updated and Edited//

I have been very lazy lately. Also have been enjoying myself ordering cakes/food online.

Ordered Red Velvet Cupcakes via facebook from<deleted> last week. You can also view their website <deleted>.

Photo <deleted>.

Love the cupcakes! Especially the surprise chocolate filling. We gobbled them up in less than a day! 🙂 Great service too cause they will reply to your queries promptly. Almost within the next second!

Thought I share this photo as well. Even Baby D loves it!

A little disclaimer: I am not a food critic or anything, I just love to eat. Haha!

*Decided to delete every info about the cake seller. The cupcakes were good, their online service was okay but the delivery wise, not at all. Mun ordered a rainbow cake earlier and the delivery was 4 hours late!! Today, 24th April 2012, she ordered another cake (giving them a chance) and they were 2 hours late and the quality of cake sucks. I’m surprised!


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