Hiatus or so

9 Apr

I haven’t been baking lately. (Was it more than a month yet?) Blame it on my laziness and also because I have been busy with applying of school, getting accepted at the last minute, confidently gave my one month notice to my employer, finding for education loans, applying the loan and meeting the PIC in various banks, endless worrying, etc. And I don’t bake if I don’t feel good because it will reflect in the end product. 😦

So right now, I am anticipating the result of the loan. So tired of worrying! If all goes well, then I will be back in school. If not, I have to find a new job. Till then, I doubt I will be baking anytime soon. xx

P.S. Nope I didn’t do any macaron tower!! 😦

Updated on 11th Apr: My loan is approved so InsyaAllah I will proceed with my study plans. For now, my only wish/hope is that my friend get accepted as well. I felt horrible for going ahead when we both had planned to study together. :/ My farewell party will be on next Thurday and I planned to bake macarons for my colleague as a giftaway-kind present. So will definitely need to bake by this weekend! xx


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