Adik’s Birthday: Macaron Pyramid and Bouquet of RVC

31 Mar

Finally!! I cheated a little and bought the macaron pyramid from here. Baked macarons on the previous weekend using the same recipe as always.


Ta-dah! Macaron “Tower”. Wait, it’s Macaron Pyramid. It reminds me of the Lourve Museum. I went there last year but I didn’t get to take the photo of the pyramid. Regrets! Only the picture below.


Anyway, Mama baked Red Velvet cupcakes and this time she used the recipe from Bisous À Toi. Mama added nutella creamcheese frosting inside the cupcakes and top it with the normal creamcheese rosette. And she made them into a bouquet of flowers. Last minute idea in the middle of the night!!

I hope Adik is happy with the bakes we did for her birthday. Did not really have an actual round birthday cake though. And after one year, finally, there’s macarons! With pyramid!! 😀

I shall try to bake something else soon.


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