Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

27 Sep


I haven’t been baking for quite awhile. Baking used to be an outlet for “stress”. I used to enjoy baking over the weekends. At least once a month. heh. Once a month is good enough by my standard. Now that I’m back working full time, my level of laziness increase. So far, I’ve only baked this delish chewy chocolate chip cookies! The best. (Even better that subway’s I must say! hehe I’m just lying of course!)


I love it so much that I baked them twice over a short period of time. But my oven is not working now. The first time I baked these cookies, I had only used 2.5 big trays. Now, with my aunt’s small working oven (that we gratefully borrowed), I had to use 10 small trays. Really taxing. Took a lot of time! Imagine 10 x 13 minutes, staring into the oven while nibbling on the  just-come-out-from-the-oven-cookies. Not worth it cause I ended up eating a lot of cookies while waiting.

Recipe from I Love. I Cook. I Bake here. The only thing I changed was the quantity of chocolate chips. I used 1 bag of Hershey semi-sweet chocolate chips. I googled for you. hee.

The recipe is a total keeper! 🙂



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