Victoria Sandwich Cake – Square Edition

19 Nov

VSC (5)

We love the Victoria Sandwich Cake so much that I had to bake them again cause my mum purposely bought a lot of strawberries few days back.

VSC (1)

I decided to change the cake from round to square. Something like sheet cake. But this time, I added lots of strawberry for the filling. This is weird coming from someone who do not eat strawberry at all!

VSC (3)

I had used the same recipe as the previous post below. (Note: I had decreased the ingredients from 250g to 210g.) Super delicious! Made you feel like you are eating healthy for a moment. hee.

VSC (6)

I had some batter left for 6 cupcakes. Did not dare to use all for my 9 x 9 (times 2) square pan cause I had test bake one cupcake earlier. Then I anyhow estimate for the square pan.

VSC (4)

My favourite cake for now. Easy to bake, fuss free decoration & so nice to eat. 🙂


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