Chocolate Macarons

15 Feb

So, I finally baked macarons again. Using a different recipe that I found online.  Baked them sometime late January if I am not wrong. And only today I realised I did not save the recipe anywhere. Stupid or what!

choc macs (1)

It’s too chocolate-y for me since I am not a chocolate person. But I really like the look. Very macaron-ish.

choc macs (2)

I played cheat a little. Wanted to eat them fast and was lazy to do any chocolate ganache. So, nutella to the rescue!

choc macs (3)

I think I baked another batch few days after. And it didn’t work out at all. Pffth. What’s new right. I always did it okay the first time round. And then I will destroyed the whole thing on the next batch. Maybe this is why I threw away the recipe. Must have been feeling super frustrated. Whahaha.


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