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Mama’s Orders

10 Mar

Mama had quite a number of orders yesterday. And for the first time since I came back, I went to help her for 11 hours. Mixture of main dishes and desserts; that explains the long hours!

We did the Apam Polkadots.


And brownies with all the drizzling and m&ms.


And the frosting of 100 rainbow cupcakes. I had to do this alone cause Adek was working yesterday.


Had a hard time frosting cause I haven’t been doing them for a long time. Mama used cream cheese frosting and since my hand is always unnaturally warm, the frosting always melt by the 3rd cupcake.

Thought of baking macs again soon! Cause Adek wanted a macaron tower since last year. :S Hope I make it in time for her birthday this year. I’m already 1 year late though.


Mama’s: Apam Polkadot / Apam Funky

28 Jan

Mama and I (ahem) made these Apam Polkadot / Apam Funky yesterday. So similar to coconut blossom and we even used coconut for the fillings. We have been seeing these apam everywhere from facebook to blogs!

Apam Polkadot (recipe from Rozzan’s)

3 eggs – straight from the fridge
275g plain flour
220g castor sugar
150ml milk
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ovalette / sponge stabilizer
fillings – blueberry / strawberry / nutella / coconut / etc
food colouring

1. Add in all ingredients and beat with maximum speed (around 6-8 min) till fluffy.
2. Divide the batter and add food colouring accordingly.

Now you’re ready to do the piping!

3. Put in paper cup and pipe in the batter to act as base.

4. Then, add your fillings! Do not be too stingy. Heh.

5. Fill up the paper cup till 3/4 full to allow the batter to rise while baking later.

6. Now, let your imaginations run wild. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can dot them (Apam dot dot, hehe), zig zag them, smiley face them!

Our pink and green colourings are too light for my liking. Purple is nice!

“Chicken pox” apam. My creativity is pretty much limited.

The outcomes – *after steaming them for approx 10mins with medium heat. Can see the fillings for some.. Maybe we didn’t put enough batter. :S

Dot dot is slightly difficult to do. Zig zag is way faster.

Can you see my expanding heart? โค


// Edit

Hey Everyone,

I have just remembered this baking shop:
Ailin Bakery House @ Tanjong Katong Complex #01-48, 845 Geylang Road, (S)400845

If Iโ€™m not wrong, they do sell the red casing.

And! I went to Gim Hin Lee/Bake King @ Block 10 Haig Road and I saw green colour casing. They are selling it at $1.20 for 12 pcs.

If you canโ€™t get them, you can perhaps try to steam the cakes using normal sturdy cupcake liners?