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Baking Class: Cake POPS!

19 Oct

I can’t remember exactly when I found Bakerella‘s website but eversince then I’ve been following her weekly updates at her blog, facebook and even twitter! I even bought her book! Stalker much?

Since then, I’ve been wanting to make this cute cake pops but I don’t dare. Look easy but after too many failures in between, I don’t trust myself in baking for awhile.

So when I found out the place I went to for baking class offer this cake pops class, I signed up for it!

Seem so easy! You don’t have to bake a perfect looking cake cause you’re going to destroy the cake!

What we need to make the cake balls:

  1. cake crumb
  2. buttercream

Yep, that’s all! But the tough parts are sticking them together, dipping into chocolates or candy melts. Eh wait, these are the only steps! So in total, cake pops is surprisingly quite hard for me! Heh.

Anyway, in class, everything is easy. I did tried doing them cake pops at home and I can’t get the right consistency for the chocolates. Thought of using candy melts but can’t find them at that time. Though last weekend I saw a row full of candy melts at Phoon Huat! Will try them again soon! 🙂