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CNY Macarons

21 Feb

cny macs (6)

Hehe, super belated Chinese New Year-ish macarons! My two oranges!!

I think this is one of the few wonderful batches of macarons I had made. I am never consistent in my bakes. So I was super duper happy when I saw how they turned out!


See! So cute right! hahaha

cny macs (8)


Chocolate Macarons

15 Feb

So, I finally baked macarons again. Using a different recipe that I found online.  Baked them sometime late January if I am not wrong. And only today I realised I did not save the recipe anywhere. Stupid or what!

choc macs (1)

It’s too chocolate-y for me since I am not a chocolate person. But I really like the look. Very macaron-ish.

choc macs (2)

I played cheat a little. Wanted to eat them fast and was lazy to do any chocolate ganache. So, nutella to the rescue!

choc macs (3)

I think I baked another batch few days after. And it didn’t work out at all. Pffth. What’s new right. I always did it okay the first time round. And then I will destroyed the whole thing on the next batch. Maybe this is why I threw away the recipe. Must have been feeling super frustrated. Whahaha.

Adik’s Birthday: Macaron Pyramid and Bouquet of RVC

31 Mar

Finally!! I cheated a little and bought the macaron pyramid from here. Baked macarons on the previous weekend using the same recipe as always.


Ta-dah! Macaron “Tower”. Wait, it’s Macaron Pyramid. It reminds me of the Lourve Museum. I went there last year but I didn’t get to take the photo of the pyramid. Regrets! Only the picture below.


Anyway, Mama baked Red Velvet cupcakes and this time she used the recipe from Bisous À Toi. Mama added nutella creamcheese frosting inside the cupcakes and top it with the normal creamcheese rosette. And she made them into a bouquet of flowers. Last minute idea in the middle of the night!!

I hope Adik is happy with the bakes we did for her birthday. Did not really have an actual round birthday cake though. And after one year, finally, there’s macarons! With pyramid!! 😀

I shall try to bake something else soon.

Back to Macarons

24 Mar

I was hyped up to start baking macarons again yesterday. But clumsiness took control and I ended up crying deep inside my heart. 😦



I dropped the whole tray. Right after baking it. The whole thing fell face first. All their feet squashed. My heart broke into pieces. I baked them for my sister’s upcoming birthday since she requested a macaron tower last year.


Hehhh, I baked 2 batches after that. One is crunchy like cookies. The other is crunchy like chips. :/ I lost my mojo. But who cares for now. As long as the macs can form a tower this Thursday!


Orange Macarons

28 Aug

After so long, I finally bake again!


My orange macarons were a little coarse-y though. I wanted to make cat shape macarons for the boy who love cats but it turns out to be in Mickey Mouse shape.

Planning to bake either RVC or whoopie pie soon before I fly off! 😀

Macarons (as gifts)

23 Apr

Hello y’all! It’s been a very long time! 🙂

I baked another batch of macarons last week. I was trying to make the colour spiral effect. hahaha! Only some part of the macarons have them. This time round my macs are too stiff. Might have beat the egg white till too dry.

I bought orange and red colour powder and hence the pink and peachy macs above. Packed them in the box for a giftaway presents to my colleagues on my semi last day of work. Why semi? Because officially my last day is on the 30th. I didn’t get to give them one month notice so I took leave this week. I’m back to school yo!

Today’s the first day of school. Very tough to make friends when everyone there came in groups and you’re alone. But I must do it before stage B at Holland! yikes!

Anyway, for this week, I wanted to bake more macarons for my granddad’s 80th birthday party! I can only hope and pray for nicely shiny flat top and perfectly shape macarons!! Ugh me and my no standard of baking! heh.

p.s. I have striked out RVC from my must bake list! Will post about them soon. 🙂

Macarons (Tower)

23 Mar

I think I am in a big trouble. I made a promise to my younger sister that I will make for her macaron tower during her birthday. The problem is, I haven’t master the macaron skill yet. What more a tower?! Since her birthday is this coming Wednesday and she said I die-die must make a tower the size of my arm, it’s time to google!! *Panic attack!!

Macarons Tower with steps-by-step instruction from Project Wedding:

Photo credit: Project Wedding’s website

Firstly, I need styrofoam cone but where to get them? I doubt my mac shells will be soft and strong enough to be poke by toothpicks.

Here’s from Keikos Cake using the pasting (with chocolate ganache) method:

Photo credit: Keikos Cake

Always have a problem with ganache too. My ganache is too liquid-ish. heh.

From Namthip:

Photo credit: Namthip

For this I might need a special stand. *insert one big sigh*

I really don’t know how to make a tower but I already made a promise. What was I thinking?? Most probably I will have to make 2 batches of macs first. Since I only have red powder, my macs will be in different shade of pink. And I might have to create my own cone/stand. Serve me right!!