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Pies & Tarts; Tea Party Ready!

15 Mar


Went to another class at @Sweetnesssg. Even had a Tea Party at the end. (Harrods’ Toffee Tea taste superb!)


Here we have Apple Crumble Pie and Lime Meringue Pie. I was told that the Lime Meringue Pie need an acquired taste. As I am not a fan of sour food, it came as a surprise that I actually like them. Weird!


Decadent Chocolate Tart. Apparently I belong to the can’t-appreciate-the salt group. Heh not atas enough! haha. Of course, need to used the rich expensive chocolate for this tart.


Kak Aidah gave a demo on how to bake this delicious Chicken Portobello Quiche. My favourite of all!! Brought few slices home and Mama love it so much till she bought the ingredients few days later.


My first Quiche! Baked it small and cute. Recipe is easy to follow thankfully. Or else this D7 F&N student would fail terribly.


Also attempted the Chocolate Tarts! My nephews love them so much. Which kid doesn’t anyway! Kids and Chocolate! (Adults and Chocolate too :P)


Yesterday, I baked my 3rd batch of Quiche. Abah ate 5 pieces so far. 3 at one go. Probably cause there is no food available since Mama and Adik went KL haha! I also made Lemon Meringue Tart. Substituted lime to lemon and omg so nice! Love it so much (a bit thick skinned here praising my bakes) but I need more willing food testers. Shall wait for them to reach home tonight to try and comment!