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Dua & Donate

25 Jul


For those in Singapore. ūüėĒūüôŹ


Victoria Sandwich Cake – Square Edition

19 Nov

VSC (5)

We love the Victoria Sandwich Cake so much that I had to bake them again cause my mum purposely bought a lot of strawberries few days back.

VSC (1)

I decided to change the cake from round to square. Something like sheet cake. But this time, I added lots of strawberry for the filling. This is weird coming from someone who do not eat strawberry at all!

VSC (3)

I had used the same recipe as the previous post below. (Note: I had decreased the ingredients from 250g to 210g.) Super delicious! Made you feel like you are eating healthy for a moment. hee.

VSC (6)

I had some batter left for 6 cupcakes. Did not dare to use all for my 9 x 9 (times 2) square pan cause I had test bake one cupcake earlier. Then I anyhow estimate for the square pan.

VSC (4)

My favourite cake for now. Easy to bake, fuss free decoration & so nice to eat. ūüôā

I’ll be back!

24 Jan

It’s been ages! I’m back home now and I feel like I’ve lost my baking mojo. ūüė¶ Hoping to get it back soon!

The things I’ve seen or tasted while in Europe! Macs and more macs! ūüėÄ






2012 in Review

24 Jan

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 20,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 5 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

3 months break!

26 Sep


I would not be baking anytime soon. I’m currently at West Terschelling, Netherlands for 3 months in order to complete the second part of my studies. Now I’m only at my second week and am trying to adapt to the cold weather, culture and the people here.


Till then, ūüôā

I miss baking!

Hiatus or so

9 Apr

I haven’t been¬†baking lately. (Was it more than¬†a month yet?)¬†Blame it on my laziness and¬†also because I have been busy with applying of school, getting accepted at the last minute, confidently gave my one month notice to my employer, finding for education loans, applying the loan and meeting the PIC¬†in various¬†banks, endless worrying, etc. And I don’t bake if I don’t feel good because it will reflect in the end product. ūüė¶

So right now, I am anticipating the result of the loan. So tired of worrying! If all goes well, then I will be back in school. If not, I have to find a new job. Till then, I doubt I will be baking anytime soon. xx

P.S. Nope I didn’t do any macaron tower!! ūüė¶

Updated on 11th Apr: My loan is approved so InsyaAllah I will proceed with my study plans. For now, my only wish/hope is that my friend get accepted as well. I felt horrible for going ahead when we both had planned to study together. :/ My farewell party will be on next Thurday and I planned to bake macarons for my colleague as a giftaway-kind present. So will definitely need to bake by this weekend! xx

Unsuccessful Baker

14 Oct

Hi, I’m the in-house unsuccessful/soon-to-be-successful baker!¬†(of course!) ūüôā

Lately, I have too many recipes I wanted to try out and I saved them in *my laptop under different docs Рfor raya cookies, cakes, breakfast, etc. I even saved blog links in *my BB or scribbled it on my recycled papers. 

Along¬†my-new-found-baking-adventure way,¬†I¬†think I had¬†tried out quite a number of recipes. Though come to¬†think of it again, I¬†usually tried the same¬†ones¬†over and over especially if it was a success the first time round.¬†heh.¬†One thing good about me is –¬†I¬†will not give up. Never!¬†And that’s why¬†I simply refused¬†to remember how many times¬†I failed miserably.¬†¬†

If I ever succeed in baking, it’s usually¬†thanks to¬†the power of beginner’s luck! Fine I wouldn’t lie to you, sometimes I think¬†it’s because of my wonderful¬†baking skills!

Anyway, with this site, I planned to note down recipes, mistakes that I keep making, what I learnt online/classes, what to do or not to do..well, you get the drift. My goal is to become a successful baker like Mama. ūüôā

Welcome to my humble baking abode y’all!!

Latest update: 15th Feb 2012