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Cake Classes

19 Oct

It’s been ages. I’ve been very busy with work and weekend classes. Managed to insert cake classes in between for the past few months. Trying to have a decorating crash course cause the genius me had hastily volunteered to bake my cousin’s wedding cake this December. I know right! What was I thinking! I had volunteered to pay for it but my aunt and cousin insisted on me baking it instead. I’m okay with birthday cakes but wedding cake is a big deal! So many what-ifs in my head now. (What if the cake break apart, what if the buttercream/fondant melt, what if everything fall apart, etc.)

Fate introduced me to Kak Aidah from SweetnessSg and Kak Bella from byBellaCupcakes. So thankful to meet them!

SweetnessSg: Had previously went to their Pavlova and Meringue Workshop. Recently went for the Swiss Meringue Buttercream class. Really love the decorating parts but of course I’m just a beginner. Kak Aidah taught various ‘design’. So many options to choose from but I love love ruffles! Will need to practice like crazy! My hands were too shaky to pipe any decorations. Super nervous for nothing!

My Frozen inspired cake. hehe!


With ombre surprise (cause it’s pink inside!) inside:


byBellaCupcakes: I went to a total of 3 classes! Such a pity she’s leaving in November especially since I only know about her in late September.  Had super crash course in October. So worth it! I actually feel sad she’s leaving! Heh.

First class was sequins. I think I should have gone to basic class first. Had jumped straight to sequins. hehe but she kindly guided me throughout. I love fantasy flowers! So pretty on a cake.


Second class was on fondant. Making it from scratch. This should have been my first class though. My ribbons still look a bit awkward. But we were rushing to complete it due to time constraint on my part. FondantTheir class was on two tiers! She also included anemone and roses. I can make more flowers now! So many ideas for my cousin’s wedding cake! Now if only I can sketch out the ideas.. hehe. My sketches sucks.

2 tiers

I love all the classes. They are tiring because of the long hours (4-6hours) but so worthwhile. So sayang to cut after the long hours spent to make it but.. no choice right.

Now I just need to put in whatever I learned into the wedding cake. So worried!


Baking Class: Two Tier Cake

17 Oct

After my first baking class, I was eager to go to the next class. Dip into my savings again and splurge on my second class – Two tier cake.  Initially, I wanted to go to one tier cake class. For obvious reason, this should be the next step after cupcakes right? But no, I might as well learn how to stack the cake with the amount I paid.

Too simple design right? I should researched more before going to the class! But then again, I was too tired already at this point.

Baked two normal cakes with different sizes pans. Cut the top part of cakes so that it will be flat on top and not dome-like. The base (picture above) to be coated with chocolate ganache. Same method as cupcakes but this time, spread it around. Crumb coat first, cool it in the fridge or outside, then spread chocolate ganache again carefully. What I meant by carefully: you have to make sure you spread it smoothly and plan first if you want the cake to have prominent edges, etc.  Before that, please ensure that you put some ganache in between the cake plate and the cake itself. (Not too sure if it’s called cake plate.)

Once ganache is cooled off slightly (after hot work), rolled fondant over and work fast. Fondant is very tricky for big cake so roll it big and not too thin. (If too thin, fondant will break! If fondant is not too smooth, try crisco.) Forget about decorating the bottom cake first. Do the same (fondant on) for the top cake. Then insert the dowels (during the class we used about 5 bubble tea straws) in the middle of the bottom cake. Put some ganache around the dowels area. Stack your top cake (with small cake plate below).  Finally, it’s time to decorate!

Note: It’s easier to put ganache all over the cakes and rolled fondant over before thinking about stacking them. No pictures for all cause I was bu-sy! heh.

Two-tier cake in a box!  Box obviously cannot cover the whole cake! 🙂