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First Wedding Cake!

3 Jan

IMG_5316 Alhamdulillah, my cake stood strong all the way throughout the reception! Was so nervous you can’t imagine how worried I was for the past few weeks. IMG_5269 Had started with the rice paper flowers 2 weeks ahead. Making them in red, yellow and green as requested by the bride earlier. IMG_5302 Made the 2nd tier two days before the reception. This was a dummy cake. Making a sparkly, sequin-y middle cake. IMG_5304 Prettified my flowers with edible beads and silver sparkly dust.


First tier up. I had some issues with my first tier. It was so much easier to put fondant on a dummy cake then on a real cake. I did this two days before reception. My fondant sort of break apart at the back. (I took picture of the good side of course!) I googled and learn how to glue back the fondant but it resulted in a wet fondant cake. Was so stressed up cause I can’t possibly ruin a wedding!


So I changed my plan and made more flowers to cover the whole cake. Found out that I did not knead my fondant enough for first tier. Second tier was easy cause the fondant was still fresh out. (Yes, I made the fondant myself!!) Had covered the first tier hours later hence the crack, elephant skin, etc. Learnt from mistakes and knead like crazy for the third tier. It was so much better!


Not so bad for first wedding cake right?! Hehe. Tried my best to put in what I learnt into the cakes. The making of fondant, the sequins and the rice paper flowers! Now I know why people charge so much for a wedding cake. It is so tiring, back-breaking, feet swollen-ing, head banging experience ever. I don’t know how the bakers do it on a weekly basis.


And!! My mum and I decided on a dessert table project! That was why I was so stressed out! Rent out the beautiful cake stands from CAKELAB by Maryam Dzinnira. 🙂 We managed to mass produce cream puffs, eclairs, tapak kuda, kek lapis nutella, congo bars, Victoria Sandwich slices and kuih bakar berlauk. My elder sister made awesome dadih to add on. One of the aunties gave delicious brownies for more variety. There’s kek lapis rainbow and what’s not to add into the dessert table. Our first dessert table project and first wedding cake ever. So glad everything went well! 😀


Cake Classes Part II

19 Nov

Continuation to my initial Cake Classes post, I went to two more exciting decorating classes from byBellaCupcakes.

Temari; cute spherical cakes. Bigger version of cake pops without the stick.



And rice paper / wafer flower. So unique!


“Spoilt for choice” right now. What to do for my cousin’s wedding cake?!?