Baking Class: Italian Meringue Buttercream Cupcakes

19 Oct

Was watching cupcakes reality show (DC Cupcakes?) one day and wanted to try out doing buttercream. After endless google research, I realised that there’re so many methods/ways to do different type of buttercream. The easiest way requires lots of icing sugar and I hate food that are too sweet! Anyway, while googling picture, etc, I saw how unique buttercream design can be! Other than the normal swirl I mean!

Registered myself for the third class and this time it’s for buttercream decoration on cupcakes!

From top left: Normal swirl (DC cupcake-like), creampuff swirl (using 1M tip), small flowers (also using 1M), flower (no idea what!), grass, flower again!

Flower “swirl” is so hard to do. I’ve no idea what’s the exact name for all the “swirl” or decoration but the above is described in my own words! heh.

The baker/teacher taught us how to do the Italian Meringue Buttercream (IMBC). So many steps and so many things to note on! The most important factor has got to be the temperature! It looks easy when she’s doing but when I did alone.. 😦

Decoration wise, I believe I can do all the above decorations! Even youtube has lots of videos! All you need is your imagination I supposed. 🙂

One of the blogs I found through google shows step by step of IMBC. See CakeJournal!


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