Research: Hantaran Cupcakes

6 Dec

I might have volunteer myself to do hantaran cupcakes again for Mama’s friend. I am an amateur baker/decorator/whatever-er. The only experience I had (wait, was that even called experience?) was for.. Zie’s engagement. And I couldn’t even take nice picture of it. (But I do enjoy doing them!)

So now off I go to “research” (Thanks to Google and Youtube!).

Here’s a couple of videos to be amazed at:-

The complicated rose.
Slightly simpler rose or rosettes?
Pretty neat:


And lastly, the WOW videos – bouquet of flowers cupcakes.

One thing that I wonder regading the bouquet, will the buttercream just simply fell off? Hmmmm. Too risky but very interesting!

Looks like I have to practice right? hee. Excited!! 🙂


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