Baking Class: Fondant Cupcakes

14 Oct

Since baking has suddenly pique my interest, I registered myself to a basic cupcake decorating class early this year. I know right! What was I thinking?! But the class was fun! I can turn plain vanilla cupcakes into pretty delicious-o cupcakes!


Steps/Process to remember:-

  1. Bake the vanilla or any other flavour cupcakes – duh!
  2. “Insert” cream cheese filling – yummiest thing ever created!
  3. Spread chocolate ganache on top and fill up to the brim. – spread once, cool them (put in the fridge), hot work, cool them slightly.
  4. Using fondant! – make sure ganache is slightly wet so fondant can stick to them.  

Fondant “technique” learnt:-

  1. Knead the fondant in order to prevent cracks, etc. – If there are cracks, use crisco on it.
  2. Use corn flour – sprinkle all over table top and even to sweaty palms like mine.
  3. Add colouring – preferably gel colouring.
  4. Do whatever you like! Creative juices needed. ha.

From the class, I learnt how to make ribbons and bows as per above picture. The imprint roll which I forgot the exact name make the base fondant look more outstanding and pretty! Magic pearl dust gave the cupcakes a glittery and shimmery look. My favourite!! Of course now I just need to google and learn more on decorating various designs! And must practice, practice, practice! 🙂


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