Devil’s Food Cupcake

20 Oct

Bought for myself Martha Stewart’s cupcakes recipe book because I like the idea of having my own collection of recipe books. (I have 3 books now!!) Besides that, I really love the cover of the book! The cover chocolate cake look so yummy!


I flipped through the pages, scanned through the pages, read a little here and there and finally decided to try baking the cupcake on the cover: Devil’s Food cupcake! I always wonder why is it called Devil’s Food! As opposed to Angel Food cupcake? Black vs White? Devil vs Angel?


As you can see, I obviously scooped up lesser batter than instructed. That’s why the cake is “short”. I don’t know why I always do this! Maybe because I’m scared the cake will overflow! Better being too low than overflow right? Maybe I should put more ganache to make it higher? Or maybe there’s a way to spread the ganache to make it higher? Anyway, ganache is made using my own recipe (not the book’s). I can’t even remember what’s the ratio of cream and chocolate!


There! The comparison. Maybe it’s because I used muffin cup instead of cupcakes liners? But nonetheless, the taste is awesome okay! That is if I compare with my choconana recipe without banana of course.

Anyway, Devil’s Food cupcake recipe can be found online here. I wonder why Martha put up her recipe online while she’s selling her recipe book. 😦


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